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Discovering prospects
Unused areas and buildings always mean undiscovered prospects too. Additionally it means the waiving of profits. Therefore we see ourselves in the role of developers with the objective of adding value. Commercially clever used estates are always a profit for every region, because by means of it stagnancy is turned into prospering infrastructure. Also old and in many cases neglected building fabric achieves new eminence by heritage protected reconstruction.
Location creteria
Our business fields and interests in objects with prospects refer to all austrian provinces, Southern Germany and Eastern Europe. Especially townships with more than 5.000 inhabitants in the local area are of great importance for us. Built-up and not built-up estates are possible as location. If you have appropriate objects at your disposal, we would be pleased to receive corresponding offers from you. Contact us under:
Analysis and location evaluation
Our work starts with detailed analysis of the location and the resultant possibilities. We analyse the exact conditions on which additional benefit can be created. We check the surrounding for optical and demographical requirements and develop a conept for optimal use out of it.
Project development
According to our detailed analysis we develop recommendations. Whether a special retail center or a petrol station or a business park - we calculate, we recommend, we plan and develop the correct solution, which meets your interests most. You can rely on our longtime experience and a considerable number of reference objects.
Acquisition and marketing strategy
Especially in commercial areas a good structure is the fundament for prospering business. Because of our practical work we know the constellations, which make such parks to successful vistior destinations. Because of our excellent contacts to all companies we have a broad network of offerers at our disposal, which like to join such centers and business streets.
The art of architecture
One of the oldest and maybe most important arts of mankind. Buildings reflect the human pursuit of anchorage and bond with the world and is a signal for social life.
„Architecture is frozen music.“
...said Arthur Schopenhauer. Music is singing, and where somebody sings, you can peacfully settle down. Architecture always influences our mood whether to the positive or to the negative. Whether large area supermarkets or small shops in the city - our buying behaviour is besides special offers essentially determined by the mood such an architecture raises in us. And a lot of artistry is necessary to create that kind of sound, that turns even a normal weekend shopping to an interesting experience.
Turn-key construction
Service means to us, to leave you alone from a certain point of time on. And because of the excellent partners in our company-group, we can guarantee you, the ready-to-use construction of the desired object without the annoying coordination of third and fourth party offerers. This means a constantly high quality level to you and that you have entrusted a reliable partner with your project.
When a project is completed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our work is finished. Because of the intensive engagement with such a project, we know its peculiarity very well and based on this knowledge we would be welcome to attend to the further administration of the concerning objects.
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